Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31

Katie Broadus, 30, went into labor in Benton, Ar., several hours after the power went out in her home following a snowstorm.  Ambulances took several hours to reach her home due to downed trees.  By the time they got there, baby London had been born, following a delivery aided by flashlights, lanterns, and a pair of neighbors, one of whom had some experience birthing cows.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30

Susan Cotey, 52, and her husband Dennis Murawska, 59, survived an early morning fire at their Wisconsin home, despite the fact that their smoke alarms didn't go off, because their pet chicken, Cluck Cluck, woke Cotey with loud clucking from her cage in the basement two floors below where they slept.

December 29

"No Dick Clark this New Year's Eve?  No problem.  Maybe one of the Jets can drop the ball in Times Square."  Dwight Perry, Seattle Times.

December 28

Clay Logan, who has been handling the New Year's Eve possum drop in Brasstown, N.C., for years, said he will use a substitute this year after PETA sued to stop the event, adding that he's considering putting a stuffed animal or roadkill in the see-through box that is covered with tinsel and lowered to the ground at midnight.

December 27

Tobi Lynden, owner of Lynden's soda shop in St. Paul, Minn., said candy cigarettes are her best-selling candy item but she'll stop selling them after city inspectors threatened to issue a citation and levy a $500 fine.

December 26

Ronald Richardson and his identical twin brother, Reginald, both 36, are sharing the job of principal at an Oakland, Calif., middle school.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25

Kristin Lane, from San Antonio, Texas, can rotate her legs 180 degrees.

December 24

Bob Clark and Norma Clark, who took their vows in August 1964, finally obtained a marriage license with their maid of honor and an usher as witnesses after they learned while getting their end-of-life documents in order that the Hall of Records in San Mateo County, Ca., had no record of their 48-year-old nuptials.

December 23

Alan Kimblle Fahey, a man who built a quirky Mojave Desert compound know as Phonehenge West, was sentenced to nearly 18 months in jail because he failed to pay for its demolition.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22

It's illegal to go out in public in Thailand without wearing underwear.

December 21

San Diego based Dog TV is a new television channel created exclusively for dogs to watch.

December 20

Sean Varone, 35, faces criminal charges over allegations that he knocked over a trash can, threw a high chair and assaulted an employee at a Pennsylvania McDonald's because there was cheese on his hamburger.

December 19

Sheena Monnin, a Pennsylvania beauty queen who contended that the five finalists of this year's Miss USA contest had been selected in advance of the pageant's live telecast, has been ordered in an arbitrator's decision to pay the pageant organization $5 million for defamation.

December 18

The National Ocean Service, a U.S. Government agency, officially declared that mermaids definitely do not exist.